Is this poultry lice?


Mar 24, 2020
Is this chicken lice around the hen's eyes? I want to make sure I'm treating for the correct pests before I clean the coop and spray all the birds.

chicken lice.jpg
Yes, those are lice. Do you have any permethrin spray or dust?
Thanks. No, I don’t have any sprays. I’m going to Tractor Supply tomorrow and want to make sure I buy the right thing. Is permethrin safe around the eggs? Unfortunately the new bedding won’t be here until Friday, so I’m not going to treat them until I can do everything! I’m also going to inspect a few more birds to make sure lice is our only problem. Or does permethrin treat other pests too? Based on what I read, my plan is to let the chickens free range while I 1) clean out all existing bedding/feathers from the coop & run; 2) spray coop & run in the morning so it can dry by night fall; 3) once dry replace with new bedding; and 4) when the chickens come in to roost spray all of them. I’ll repeat per the instructions. Does that sound right?
You can get permethrin premixed. I would used a Q-tip being careful not to get it in her eyes. There is no egg withdrawal period with permethrin.


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I also put poultry dust in the nest boxes. Permethrin doesn't kill the pests eggs as with most insecticides so weekly repeated treatments are necessary for 3 or 4 weeks. Permethrin is good for may different pests. Here is a chart for the different permethrin concentrations that @casportpony made. I use the 0.50% solution. Good luck...


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