Is this Sumatra hen young or old???

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Oct 7, 2020
Hi, I’m new to backyard chickens and this is my first post. I’ve owned all sorts of chickens since I was a kid and today we have 7 hens of different breeds.
But I’ve never had a Sumatra before and I was wondering if anyone could pls advise me on a blue Sumatra hen I just bought today.
I was told she was hatched in May 2020 and is now POL (point of laying).
She is beautiful but she’s so big and bulky When I held her I couldnt believe how big she felt for such a young bird. I’m starting to worry now that she’s actually a much older hen.
One expert told me to measure her vent but she struggled a lot so haven’t managed to do that yet.
I’ll attempt to attach photos of her.
I drove 1.5 hours today to buy her and I just need to make sure.

She's probably five or six months old. Sumatras generally lay a little later than the European and American birds as they are more ornamental versus production. Her smooth legs also show her young age. Generally older birds have "older looking" legs and feet than that.
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