Is this the chick prolapse? Doesn't look like pictures


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
My freshly hatched chick has something hanging out of what I think is her vent. The part I can see is white, and I'm not sure about all of it. I'm afraid to open the incubator to get a closer look...

EDIT// It's white, thin, apparently sticky because some eggshells are stuck to the end of it?
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No, my camera has decided that it doesn't want to focus anymore.

I put on some gloves to take a closer look, and there's a small red dot connected to the chick, that has what I guess part of the membrane stuck on it. Prolapse or unfinished yolk absorption? There's a little bit of brown on one side, I think that's poo.
Oki doki!

Thanks for the help everyone, I don't think that any more chicks are going to hatch so I guess I got super paranoid about the 2 that did.
Today's day 22. I haven't heard or seen anything from the remaining 3 eggs but I'm waiting til Monday when the first chicks yolk runs out.

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