Is this too cold for my chicks? will they be ok?


Serama Chicken Enthusiast
14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Ok So my broody is going to be a mother soon and we've been having cold weather, ranges from 45f - 50f at night & ranges from 50f - 65f in the morning and in the afternoon. Is that too cold? will the hen keep them warm? ANY Advice is appreciated =]
Mama will keep them warm, she incubated the eggs didn't she?
When they get chilled they will run under mama and get all warmed up in her fluff and then zoom out again to play!
I have another question.... I candled some eggs to make sure they were alive and I saw a shadow in the air sac? im pretty sure it was the chicks beak. If its berly going to rip the air sac how long will it take him/her to hatch?
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