Is this tortoiseshell silkie a rooster?


Aug 12, 2019
Huntington, NY

Hey all, I bought this silkie at a feed store 3 months ago and was told she was a dna sexed 14 week old female. She was all black then but in the last 3 months she’s grown out all these fancy beige and blue feathers. She has somewhat long pointed tail feathers and from the googling I’ve been doing I think she might be a rooster- can anyone confirm?
She/he doesn’t have pronounced spurs and hasn’t rooster crowed nor layed eggs.

If s/he is a rooster do you think he’d be able to mate my standard Americaunas? They really bullied him when I first introduced him, so I’m not sure that he would. I would like to hatch a few chicks if possible (might as well take advantage if he is indeed a rooster)

I’m also wondering if my non broody hens would actually brood the eggs if I left them? If they do Would there be a way to have only one of them brood? I wouldn’t want all of them to stop laying (there are only 4 and they all lay in the same spot in the coop).
Mixed breed cockerel. It is possible he may be able to mate with your LF hens. As for getting one to brood, some hens never go broody. You could try leaving wooden eggs in the nest to see if one is inclined to set, but don't be surprised if none do.
:welcome Mixed breed cockerel, he should be able to mate the large fowl hens, depending upon their genetics your hens may not go broody. You may want to invest in an incubator.
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