Is this worth it?

We just built a hatcher, an incubator and a brooder box. They are not the prettiest, but so far the hatcher is doing well, and I am trying to get the temp to 99.5

I had the thermostat way too high and reduced it way too low. I think it's going to hold temps great once I get it at the right temp.

I used an IncuKit heater. It's 150W and is all built into one. It has the heating coils, thermostat and fan all in one unit. I'll attach a pic of the heating unit.

I used birch wood and it was $42 a sheet, but found another type of wood that is better for $23. I wish they would have had it available when I bought mine.

You can buy a sheet of 3/4 for about $23 which will actually build two if you make them a little smaller than mine, and they would still hold 3 turners or three hatching trays.
I bought a sheet of styrofoam insulation for $10, that will cover probably three units, they may sell smaller pieces cheaper. Actually, I think thre is probably better insulation to use than what I bought. The stryrofoam is messy and flakes off!
My knob was like .98 cents
The piano hinges are around $8
Wood to hold the trays $4
150 watt Incukit was $49.99 plus shipping was like $6-7 I think (I bought three with express shipping and the total like $168)
I built mine for about 80 a piece. I have two turners and going to buy one more. I just made my hatching trays with 1x3's and small wire. I put my incukit at the top, and now have the unit flipped upside down. I wasn't thinking! Heat rises, now the entire box is at 98 degrees, so a little more tweaking and I should be at 99.5. I will have to take the inside apart and redo it, so that my unit is not upside down, but it works either way, LOL.

Mine will only hold 126 eggs though. My hatcher can hold more than my incubator.

Or you can find a large stryofoam box or cooler, attach the Incukit (it's super easy) and your ready to go! You might find a styrofoam box that will be big enough to hold a turner, then you would not have to manually turn the eggs.

It still has to be painted or stained. I think I'll put some nice trim on it and spruse it up a bit. It's nothing fancy.


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