Is vent sexing muscovy harder than vent sexing regular ducks?


Apr 5, 2018
So I think I finally got vent sexing down. I realised how I was doing it wrong which was not spreading the vent just right therefore the majority of penises weren't visible. Well now that I figured that out I've been sexing regular ducklings and usually getting around 50/50 boy/girl and I've been so happy. I just bought 4 muscovy ducklings and, while I'm going to keep trying to sex them later, when I first went for it I sexed them as all girls. I don't believe that. I have other muscovy I hatched out that I couldn't vent sex worth a crap and thought I had 8 girls and 1 male but that was back when I was doing it wrong but it still makes me wonder if they could be a bit harder to vent sex. I'm still going to try again later today or tomorrow because I mean I'm not fast or perfect at it yet. I usually have to try twice to actually see and I figure as I get better I'll be able to do it faster.... hopefully at least lol. If anyone who is good at vent sexing waterfowl has any advice for me though I will greatly appreciate it too! For once I'm actually wanting 1 boy in the bunch because then I can bread sexlinked muscovy and have a significantly easier time lol. I already have sexlinked ducklings which is partially how I was able to get better at vent sexing.

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