Is Yarrow toxic?

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    I was wondering if anyone knew if Yarrow was toxic for chickens. I have to trim my yarrow back quite a bit, and couldn't find anything on yarrow being toxic. I couldn't find it on the toxic plant list, but didn't know if that was a complete list or not.

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    The ASPCA lists yarrow as "Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Horses"

    Notice that the "Clinical Signs: vomiting, diarrhea, depression, anorexia, hypersalivation." My guess is that the animal is quickly sorry it ate the stuff because it causes digestive distress. It looks like something a puppy would get in trouble with because it chewed on the plant.

    Yarrow is also a weed that could be harvested with a hay crop. Still, a good source for farmers, Canadian Poisonous Plants, doesn't bother to list it.

    If your plant in the yard is one of those big, golden Achillea filipendulina - I have a hard time imagining anything "wanting" to eat one of those strong-smelling things!

    If it was me, I just wouldn't throw the leaves in a pen of bored chickens. You probably wouldn't be doing them any favors. Other than that, I think they would have sense enough not to eat it if there are other plants available to them.

    . . . just my 2ยข.

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    No, it's not the weed your speaking of. It's one of the herbs I planted last summer. I'll see if I can find the scientific name for it tomorrow morning. That was all I could find also. It may be toxic to dog, horses, and cats, but the yarrow they were talking about isn't what I have. I'll hold off giving them any until I can find more info. Our chickens do love the catmint ( I take cuttings to them). It's planted next to the yarrow, but they haven't found that herb bed yet [​IMG]

    Thanks for the help! [​IMG]

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    Are you looking for the botanical name for yarrow, Achillia? I grow it, and in the garden my chooks have left it alone so far...
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    Yeah, the yarrow I have isn't the same one they were mentioning in the articles I found. I won't give them any of the cuttings to be safe. I don't want them to find that herb bed. The rest of the herbs in it, I'm sure they will love. The catmint is one of their favorites.

    If yours aren't touching it, mine probably won't either. Thanks for the info [​IMG]


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