Is your bird biting you or screaming constantly?

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    If your bird is biting you, I'd suggest using other online resources and reading training/bird handling articles BEFORE asking a question that you could've found hundreds of solutions and answers to. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's so stressful to see all the people inadvertently training their birds to be "bad" because they don't have knowledge of avian behavior or body language! Birds don't bite or scream without a reason (or prior conditioning) to do so.

    In edition, hitting, mutilating the bird's bill, flicking, yelling, etc will all make the situation worse and cause further strain on your bird. Keep in mind you literally have a wild animal living in your house ("tame" and "domesticated" are two very different things) and their main goal in life is not to please YOU ( like a doggo). Before you go to extreme measures to try to "fix" your bird, be sure all its requirements are being fulfilled (adequate food, water, security, space, nutrition, emotional and mental stimulation etc). There are a few reasons birds scream, and just a little research would make it very clear its usually for attention. Youtube has some amazing resources for bird training! I know this post probably won't help you directly in changing your bird's behavior, but I hope it got you researching your questions!

    Some great youtube bird training channels include: parrot wizard, parrot whisperer, birdtricks, Dave Womach, Manda & Rio, and so many more!
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    We had this same subject about this same thing on here yesterday----I agree----do some homework, study the problem and you will probably find there is more than one suggested technique that will work to deal with the problem mentioned. Good Luck!
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    You not kidding ! Bird Tricks! Womach put up on pedestal by you! Manda & Rio I do not know but since they are paired up with birdtricks I can guess. I rather not say about parrot wizard.

    For those who really want to know. Go see what I wrote in 2008.

    And then do as you wish. It is your money after all and you have the inalienable right to do what you want.
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    do you understand the idea of what a forum is. because you come across as really full of yourself.

    Firstly you group all birds in the same category from a parakeet to a bald eagle which shows a complete lack of understanding. Next you state facts with out testing so you are making claims based on the fact that you have a superiority complex.
    If you have never hand feed a bird then how would you know if there was a difference. From what I have read you took a bird that was a social breed and guess what it was social. Now if you had walked in to a cage full of wild birds and managed to get one to pay attention to you then I would have been impressed but a single bird that has no one else to be social with isn't nothing special or my grannys a bird whisperer.

    While we are on the subject this bull like I can not tell you my name generally means its because if googled it we would find out your a thread killer. (easy to search on a image in a post) Seriously you are not god you don't get the last say.

    Now if you have something constructive to add like advice that pertains to a certain situation then im happy to read anything you write. But if all you are going to do is run on about your magic post from 08 that has nothing to do with what ever bird we are discussing then do everyone a favor and save the post for some one raising African greys or what ever you have personal experience with.

    Now if you could tell me why my male mustache during breeding season likes to masturbate 5-10 times a day while standing next to a female mustache that's waiting In the breeding condition that would be helpful. Oh and why does he make groaning noises while doing this then screams "my name is skipper" when hes finished. Do you think he's teasing the female?. Would you like to whisper to him im sure he would like
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