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Sep 16, 2019
So Ive justvrecently moved to a acreage. Were ive recently gone from 3 hens to 20+ a rooster. Ive slowly added hens in. My lastest were 6 ... 2+ year old barnyard mix. Of which came from a lady who did not know how to handle them. She injured two of them while getting them ready for me for transport. Of which both I nursed back. Anyways with winter coming...I recently merged into the last of the hens into one big coop. The last ones I waited the longest cause they are significantly smaller than the rest. A small wheaten ...and two ameraucanas. Of which one is slightly smaller than normal and the other is half the size of even that. Extremely runty. But shes got a will to live and is 5 months old now and showing no signs of quitting yet. I took her to save her from getting culled anyways i added them into the big coop sunday i did let them free range all together lots however. But i still anticipated maybe theyd be attacked. Well.....i just went to close them up for the night. And here was one of the barnyard mix with her wing draped over the very runty one.


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