ISO Bantam modern game and Call duck EGGS or chicks


8 Years
Oct 26, 2011
My son will be joining APA youth and 4-4 in December, I have started him with call ducks and bantam modern game.
I would like to get gray and white call ducks (i have to talk it over with my son but maybe even blue fawn if he likes them), I also would like to get him more modern games. I am willing to trade eggs or pay for them. What i would be willing to trade are
BBS Orpingtons some will be crossed with jubilee, Lavender Orpingtons, Blue and black Ameraucana, Blue wheaten ameraucan (I do have a Wheaten rooster for sale), We have a quad of black east indie ducks will be starting first year of laying in January(there 8 months old), I do have Cochin's Bantams for sale started chicks,(i will be putting up for sale Thursday. This is my website to see some of the breeds.

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