ISO Modern Game Bantam Eggs


Jan 21, 2017
Kansas City
Looking high and low for MGBs of some quality. Ideal Poultry has them as day olds, but from what I’ve seen they look like OEGBs with slightly longer legs. I’m not picky about colors, though the blues, blacks and birchens always catch my eye. I just really want those silly, long and lanky little birds to love on. :love

Located in Kansas for those interested in shipping some my way. I’ve got a broody Cochin who’d just love an excuse to hatch more babies, no matter what they look like.
Bummer! Anytime I've seen MGB eggs/chicks for sale on Facebook they always seem to be closer to the east coast.. too far for me. Hope you have better luck! I've gotten all mine from poultry shows.

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