ISO young ISA Browns in Southeast MI, Oakland County


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Aug 28, 2013
Hey Guys! we are looking for anyone that might breed or know someone that breeds ISA browns, we're looking for 4 young ones, ( we aren't looking for chicks- would prefer them to be at egg laying or almost egg laying stage of life) .
Please let me know if you have any or know of anyone !
Thanks Jenny
You can try contacting Destiny Farm Gardens?
I got my Barred Rock, Easter Egger, Australorp, and three of my silkies from there.
We did have an ISA Brown from them and she was VERY people friendly, but she was not fond of my Golden Comets (they were older when I was introducing them so sometimes they don't get along) so we took her back.
They may or may not have older chickens for sale.. but you can try. :)
The parent stock of a true ISA Brown is a fairly protected licensed product. The ISA is the product of 35 years of genetics research of the Hendrix Group. Townline Hatchery in Zeeland, MI is one of the very few hatcheries in the US to have the parent stock.

Since they do not breed true, outside of a licensed hatchery, no one would be breeding them, as in producing first generation ISA Browns. They are a terminal cross, sex link.
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hmm ok, we have tried a few places and no one has any isa browns, do you guys know anyone that has any young good egg layers right now ?
Thanks Jenny

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