Issues with naval opening - what did we do wrong?

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    Mar 14, 2011
    We're seven chicks in to our first incubator hatch - we've had multiple hatches before but always with a broody, so no fuss on our end. I've still got nine eggs in there, five are pipped and four don't appear to be through the window - although one chick exploded out of an egg that I didn't think was pipped (that I could see) so who knows.

    Anyway, it appears as though several - two that I've seen so far, possibly a third - have issues with the naval opening. Specifically, there's a protruding bump, and it hasn't closed. The first three to hatch were up and moving around quickly, then #4 popped out but just sort of layed there....when it started moving it flipped and I could see the bump. It was pretty large, and I was pretty certain that the chick would die, but I left it and now it's moving around well, dry, and the bump seems smaller. Chick number six just had the same thing happen about 15 minutes ago - finally got out (s/he was stuck for almost 5 hours with no progress and was starting to look like s/he was going to give up when s/he got out) but is laying there very quietly on it's belly, and I can see the bump from it's backside. This one seems worse off than the other, and I'm pretty sure it's going to die....I'll give it a chance though, and let nature decide what will happen.

    So....what went wrong? Is this maybe a normal thing to see with hatches, but since mama chicken has done it all and I don't even get a hand on the babies till they're several days old I don't see it? Something wrong with our temp or humidity? Our temp was consistently 99.5-100.5, and I kept the humidity around 40%. Lockdown at day 18, temp steady and raised the humidity to 55-60%. They're hatching today on day 20. We put in eggs a variety of age - the oldest were 10 days (we wanted to see what they'd do) and some were 24 hours old. Our hens and rooster are all healthy. The chicks with the issues - one was a 10 day old egg, one was a 24 hour old egg. Any thoughts?
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    Mar 20, 2011
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    Hmm sounds like u did everything right but I would have to see pics to know exactly what u r talking about to tell u whether this is normal or not cause Im not real sure what u r describing.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    From what I understand, chicks hatched early might have that problem. Try to lower the temperature next time to see if that's the problem? When I set humidity high, I get that problem. When I set humidity around 30-35 for first 18 days. None has that problem.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    They did hatch early. Today is 21 days, and they started on day 19 and I think finished yesterday evening (day 20). There are still four eggs in there not pipped and I'm letting them go till this evening to see if they'll do anything. They all SEEM to be well (I had a third yesterday evening with the same problem) as in eating, drinking, walking around. I guess time will tell, eh? Thank you!

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