It broke a brick...whatever it is, its big and its back. UPDATE!!!


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
As some of you know, i lost two of my ducks awhile back. Well we totally revamped the duck house so nothing could get them, well we thought nothing could get them. we put wire on the ground and under the ground and wrapped it up along the sides so nothing could get it. (bedding is on the wire). and then on the front were we open it, we had the wire run out under the ground a bit and put about 6 bricks on top, in two layers. so i get home from school today and my dad asked if i put all the bricks in front of the duck house. i say, of course i did. he got a worried look on his face and said, "come look."so we go out in the pouring rain to the duck house, and the bricks are all over the place. something moved them, something big. at first i thought a person, but they were more dug out of place. and then i look closer, one of them is broken. a large chunk is out of it. thats when i get worried, a person couldn't do that. i decided to go look at the back of the duck house and there is a HUGE hole that something dug. easily a foot or more in diameter. you could tell it was an animal because the wood chips were pushed backwards, like a dog would do digging a hole. it had easily gotten to the bottom of the wood and if it weren't for the wire, it would've gotten in and gotten the ducks. i don't know what it is, but whatever it is, its huge. we are putting more wire everywhere and large planks of wood buried underneath the house to make it more challenging. what do you think this could be? i'm so worried. i want to sit out there and shoot it myself, but we don't own a gun. i'm tempted to sit out there with a hammer and just attack whatever comes, but i'm not sure how that will work out. i need to know what is trying to get it and ways to make sure it never does. thanks.
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Don't sit out there with a hammer! Whatever you do! If it is big enough to do that, then it could really hurt you!!!
Sounds like it might be a dog or coyote. Thank goodness you had the wood and extra wire in there. Either find a friend with a gun you can borrow, or try a live trap. You can usually borrow one for free from the pound or humane society.

You can spread flour around the cage to see if there are any tracks. That would at least give you an idea of what you are fighting.

What ever happened to the eggs you were incubating? Did any hatch?

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kiddo, if you lived closer I'd be there in a heartbeat with guns to loan. Do you have any pictures of any paw prints, claw marks in the mud etc?
no, no footprints or anything left. its been raining really hard since last night here. my boyfriend has a bunch of guns...i think i'll get him to loan me one. but i wouldn't sit out there with a hammer, wouldn't be quick enough. just a quick thought when i was out there with a hammer in my hand. lol

eta: none of the eggs hatched. they all died sadly. i was devastated.
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i took some pictures of the "crime scene" but i can't them on the computer until our other computer is fixed, can't upload them on my laptop
Do you have any pit bulls in your neighborhood? That's the first thing I thought when you mentioned a broken brick. They have tremendous jaw strength.
Sounds like a black bear to me. Get an electric fence and make sure you turn it on. Not much can stop a hungry, determined bear besides a shot gun with a slug (check with your local Fur & Feathers-we can kill one that is destructive) or a good charge on a fence.

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