It finally happened to us. Dog attack! ** graphic pic**

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    Feb 21, 2014
    Our neighbor came to the door to nicely let us know that their dog got out and killed one of our chickens. I got dressed and went outside so they could show me where the body was and it was gone! Quite a few feather trails later and we found her trying to hide in a pile of dead weeds with her butt sticking out. Poor baby. But not dead! A pretty big flap if skin hanging off and a broken toe i was going to try to fix it myself but our vet is a farm vet and offered to see her.
    We took her in and he put her under anesthesia, which he said was the most dangerous part, and he cleaned and repaired the tear using dissolvable stitches. He gave her a sedative for pain and an antibiotic shot. He also put a splint on her foot. She is back home with duramycin 10 in water. She is in a coop within the main coop. She was such a good girl thru the whole thing. The good news? The vet didn't charge us a dime!



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    Mar 23, 2014
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    Wow. Heartbreaking. Terrifying. Baawk baawk get bawwwk well soon!

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