IT has arrived!!!!!


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10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
Louisville, KY
I came home from work yesterday to check the coop yet again--something was different!! I am using a wicker basket for a nest box and it had been moved to the center of the coop and there in the middle of the basket was the FIRST egg!!
Pure excitement--I couldn't get the door open fast enough. It had a funny shape and felt very heavy. I told DH I think it may be a double yolker. This morning I fried it up and sure enough a double yolker. That was the cherry on top--never had a double yolk egg before. Here are the pics.

I had DH nail the nest to the floor--she must have did some major wiggling her time around. I'm hoping for another today!


9 Years
Sep 27, 2010
yeah...I have had 4 double yolkers in 2 girls have just started laying, right now, I have 12 hens, and getting about 9 eggs a day. Yesterday I found one of the first soft shelled eggs, so one more of them should be giving me eggs! SOOO fun!

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