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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by luvmychicknkids, Dec 21, 2008.

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    Sorry, as this section indicates, this is just a random rambling. Just didn't feel like suffering alone so I decided to write about it. [​IMG] My 7 y/o (as I have mentioned on here before) has severe asthma. Well, to go along with that, he also has severe eczema. We have spet his whole life battling it and honestly, right now he is better than he ever has been. However, Winter is hard. I try to keep the humidity up in the house but even at that, his skin gets so dry and broken. He just came to me and showed me his legs. The back of both knees was bleeding from him scratching. Been a long time since they were that bad. I put Aveeno on him which is one of the few things that really does help. It hurt so bad it made him I did too. So, I just held him 'til he thought he could go back to bed. We have tried everything. At one point there was a new cream out....can't remember the name but a TINY tube was $170 (so happy for great insurance) and it did NOTHING. The docs think it will continue to improve as he grows up.....I think they are right because I see the difference in now and a few years ago. I just don't want to wait anymore. My baby hurts and that kills me. [​IMG] For anyone who actually read this, thanks for listening. Already off the phone with hubby for the night and no one I know is awake.
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    Do you ever just have him soak in the tub.... until his skin is wrinkly?

    I have a friend whose 8 year old also suffers terribly with the eczema... when the monsoon starts he seems to get a little better but during the dry spells it's just terrible.

    She actually uses something other than aveeno that seems to work well... I'll call the mom tomorrow and post back with what she says.
  3. debilorrah

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    I have excema. If I get a wound, it turns to excema. Including zits!!! Right now half my face is red. thank GOD for bare minerals makeup!!!! As an exmaple, I had a cyst removed on my shin 2 years ago and the excema has yet to leave. Your poor child!! I really hope he outgrows some of this misery.....
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    You know what I have used for wounds that need healing is AQUAFOR. It might work for the bleeding, crusty breakouts.
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    Oh Christy i am so sorry he is going through that.. i have never had that although i know what it's like to suffer from something as my asthma when i was a kid i would spend up to 6 months in the hospital at a time because of my asthma and it's still really bad but i fight through it

    my niece has eczema and she goes through the same thing it's hard to watch any child go through it i wish i had some advice for you to help your baby.. i just hope he gets better [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. debilorrah

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    I might add that I am allergic to Neosporin..... If you try that on your son and it gets worse, check into it....
  7. spookyevilone

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    Oct 5, 2008
    My friend's son had it bad too, and it turned out to be a milk allergy causing the eczema [​IMG] Sorry about your little one. It sucks when a kiss doesn't really make it all better.
  8. luvmychicknkids

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Floresville, Texas
    Thanks guys. Yeah, as a parent we feel we are supposed to make it all better and sometimes we just can't. Trust me, I feel every single bit of pain he does.

    Thanks for the different suggestions. I aam willing to try ANYTHING that could work. As for soaking, yeah, when he gets really bad he does aveeno soaks and then lotions down really good when he gets out.

    It is really strange, my brother had all the same problems growing up but he was allergic to cats, dogs, birds, etc. He isn't. Honestly, all of his is seasonal. Any change in the climate and it flares up...the asthma and the eczema.

    Wow, Mark, sounds like your asthma was really bad when you were little like his. He has been hospitalized 7 times so far but most of those were before he turned 5 (and when we lived in Alaska). He was in the Hospital last January but it was from catching the flu which his little body simply could not handle.
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    Oct 10, 2008
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    Oh so sorry to hear this. My son had eczema from 1 to about 7 then grew out of it somehow. It was terrible his little feet arms and behind his knees would bleed and we would have to give him liquid meds (sedatives) from the doctor so he could sleep without scratching til he was raw. My grandson also had it so bad it covered his face from 8 months til about age 2. The doctors finally realized my grandsons were caused by allergies from dust mites, cats, eggs, list goes on and on. Since we learned what caused his he hasn't had a problem since. Not sure but everytime we went to the beach and my son got in the ocean his eczema went away for a while. Not sure but I really believe that helped him alot. Also this is an old wives tale but it did work for us believe it or no. We were at a cookout with family and my sons feet were so bad he couldn't wear his sandels, my great aunt said all you have to do is have him pee on his feet and that stuff will clear up. I laughed and thought she is crazy, my other aunt said yep it really works. So after getting over the thought of how really gross that sounds, I had my husband after we were home take him in the bathroom in the stand up shower. my husband had him pee on his feet and while he was doing that on a old rag also. He rubbed it on his legs. It did go away for a few weeks after that, but also he didn't have the itching anymore that night. So nasty yes, worth a try absolutely!
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    Ouchie! So sorry the little guy is so miserable. I don't know if you've had him tested for food allergies or not, but remember that even ultra-low level allergies can increase the body's toxicity load. And then a cold/dry spell can be the trigger to set everything in motion. A thought- someone just told me that her husband had suffered with eczema on his face for 12 yr, no success with any meds the docs had prescribed. He is now clear as a baby's tushie after taking grapefruit seed extract orally. This may not be appropriate for a child, or for his type of eczema (there are several kinds), but you might want to investigate some of the "off the wall" herbal or old-time remedies. Hope you both get some healing and sleep tonight.

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