It rained a lot so I dug up worms all in vain......Noses turned up!


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Aug 21, 2018
No one really liked them. There were tons upon tons near the compost so when the rain stopped, I went out and dug for them. They seemed to ignore the worms and so I'd pick them out and toss them near a chicken. My efforts were mainly ignored!

Is there an issue with dirt worms I think run of the mill earthworms?

We got b dubia roaches that they love, but I'm kind of saving them/breeding for winter. They did get a couple and it was a big treat.

I also got them some crickets yesterday and they loved those so I dunno. Are they just spoiled jerk chickens? Honestly kind of hurt my feelings because I was working hard digging up all these worms and then they were like "meh". I saved the reject worms and even the more timid chickens didn't want them. Usually they get last dibs on treats because they are less forceful with their picking up stuff.

Anyway, is it worth it to save some more worms for winter? I can keep them in a compost/soil bucket for food for later I guess.
Mine dont' seem that bothered about them either. I think I read on here in the past that they don't like normal ones. Does seem odd though!
FWIW some of my girls will wander all the way to the road when the worms are coming up in the rain. They can't eat them fast enough! But a couple of my others don't know what to do with them. I tried to give them a couple when I was planting in the garden and they looked at me blankly then walked away :confused:
Okay Im gathering it's a personality difference in the chickens. Maybe also mornings they are more interested because they are hungrier

However, today since our dirt/compost area is super easy to dig now, I went out again. Same chickens turning up their noses, wanted them today. I pushed them away because Im saving them in a worm bin for winter.

We have b dubia roaches growing/breeding now per another recommendation from a poster here and I think they got a bit spoiled because they really like those guys.

Does anyone else try to supplement in the winter with protein? We just worry that since our ground is so hard, they won't get the amount of bugs they normally get wandering around

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