It was a crow!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Thousand Oaks Family, May 11, 2011.

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    So I had started to see the egg production going down and one day saw a broken egg in the nesting box. Pretty soon all the egsgs were being stolen. That got me to finally build the run which was needed because the hens were eating all my flowers in the backyard. Well the egg stealing stopped for a week but then it came back. I thought it was a squirrel or something like that because I had seen them running away from the run a few times when I went up there. Whatever it was was also eating the chicken feed. I was finding places where a small critter was trying to get into the run so i assumed that was what was getting the eggs. I finally had had enough and got a trap and out those million hard boiled Easter eggs to work as bait. A couple time the eggs were gone but the trap wasn't sprung! I was really perplexed. I had also seen a burrowing animal hole that was new so i thought that must be the culprit. Well today I go up there and what do I find in the trap? A crow! I couldn't believe it! That is until i read on here how they can definitely steal eggs and eat the chicken feed. I am hoping there is only one doing it. I guess we will see. I am still wondering about the animal burrow though. We had a gopher before so might be the same thing. Time will tell. But who knew crows would be so crafty. Now i hate them even more.

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    Crows will steal eggs and even chicks if they get the chance. They are very intelligent. A lot of people here still opt to keep them around (some even feed them) because they help run off hawks and eagles which will kill adult chickens. After having major hawk/eagle problems here I will say I am pro crow. [​IMG]

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