It was a warning shot, really. ;)

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    Hatched out 13 chicks in March, and would you know it, 8 were roosters, two hens got hit by coons, and the excess roosters have been getting on my nerves a bit. Two of the BR new roos were ganging up on one of their elder hens for a little hummina-hummina, and I had had enough of their crowing.

    I grabbed the .410 and headed out into the yard. They cleared away from the hen and stood there defiantly. Strike 1. One crowed. Strike 2. One ran, while the one who crowed yet again, stood his ground. Strike 3.

    So, the pattern on a full choked .410 at 10 yards is a little larger than I thought. Nice head shot though, only a few pellets in the head, and none in the neck or body.

    Maybe the lucky young roo who ran will take it as a warning. Looks like chicken for dinner Wednesday night. Different shaped body compared to a CX. Fairly meaty for the shape, and at 4.5lbs, a reasonable meal. Looks like I may have the boys practice their head shots over the next few weeks.
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]

    That sounds like a lot more fun than using a knife or an axe.
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    my husband shoots ours in the head at butchering time... needless to say he's an excellent shot (being military he has had a little practice)!

    I'm good with a handgun.. not so much with a rifle

    so he shoots.. i process.. works out pretty well that way!

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