It won't take long to get situated in this new environment....but...

I kinda miss how it I clicked on cached on my browser and it brought up what the site looked like before...
Why can't the new BYC use that SAME layout, same format? Its so easy on the eyes! And easy to read! Don't need all that clutter either!
:love :love :love :love :love :love
I know! I can barly write a post before my eyes are watering! then i have to leave for a while. the old look was so much easier to navigate, plus I keep getting side tracked by all of the adds on the right side of the page. oh well, have to get used to it I guess......
You can always use the wayback machine.
Note at the top of that screen is a selecter, they have 384 captures of the site over time, all the way back to June 19, 2000.

that was soo cool, it brought back so many memories. And what I liked about it is, even though its like a screen shot, everything works still, like a real website, its the old BYC again!!

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