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    Feb 21, 2012
    After hours of searching for the proper dosage for LA-200 a week ago, I have finally found an answer! After talking to a Auburn University Poultry Science professor I have found the TRUE dosage for LA-200 to treat gasping, gurgling, congestion, and other symptoms of CRD. Use .20 CC per pound (5lb chicken = 1CC). Inject into breast approx 1/4 inch deep ONCE. Do not inject another dose until day 3! This is a broad spectrum antibiotic that does not begin to dissipate until day 3. On day one, two, and three rub VetRx onto their combs and nostrils and addone ounce of VetRx to one gallon of their water which has to be "faucet hot" to be able to mix with the water. On day three give another dose of LA-200 according to the dosage above and do not give anymore! On days three thru six use the VetRx as used above both topically and in their water supply. Also during this time, put a heat lamp on them and keep them out of the wind. By day seven you should have healthy chickens. This worked miracles for mine who were deathly sick and lying on their sides wth CRD and I did not lose a single one! Follow these instructions precisely and IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

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