It's a SICKNESS, I tell you


11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
I have 97 birds (freedom rangers), 96 of which are fat and healthy, running around like maniacs in my brooder. They will need more space at the rate they're growing, which is GOOD, because I get another shipment of chicks in the mail in (counting fingers here) 13 or 14 days and will need the brooder again!

And all I can think about is ordering more, more, more... I can add to the next order until the Friday before. Fortunately, the last 2 times I called, they were sold out of what I wanted. Layers will feather out more slowly, so I assume this batch is my last chance for the year until next spring? I'm in Saugerties, NY, kinda cold in the wintertime. Or can I sneak in another batch after this one outgrows the brooder? What about them Canadian chickens?

Is it silly of me to be hoping that Meyer tosses in extras for a surprise? I hear about "packing peanuts" but suspect they only do that for small orders and I've got 39ish in mine. What about extras in case of DOAs?
You need help, but don't look for it here!
All hail Discordia!
Sorry, I've been told I can't get any more chickens this year, or we're all on the street, so I've got none to spare. Of course, I'm a deviant nut, so I've agreed to take a few more BC Marans when the breeder stops shipping this fall. Hahahahahaha! If you give me and my chickens a place to live we can share.

You're not crazy, you're INTERESTING!!! Like my daughter says of me when I go out and sit for several hours just watching my 9 eat and sleep and scratch for food. You're an addict. Some people have beer or cigarettes, you have chickens! I don't think there's a cure!!!
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If you ever get over run what other hobby lets you make a sandwich with it:)
No help from me.....I'm having the hardest time pulling that incubator plug out of the wall. I keep saying this is my last one this year, but along comes some eggs that I can't turn down! Your with good friends here who understand your madness.

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