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    I love my pretty birds, but I love lots of eggs. I sell a lot of eating eggs, and my customers love the variety of colors. I have marans, but they just dont lay as well as some of my production birds. I had sold some Marans/Rock crosses, fondly called Baaarock Maranas, that everyone loved. I didnt keep any for myself, but people who had them said they laid really large dark brown (not Marans dark, but a nice rich brown) egg, and LOTS of them.

    Since my eggs sales have increased, Ive decided to hatch some of these Baaarock Maranas for myself, and anyone who would like to try some. I have a wheaten marans rooster in with 3 production barred rock hens, and 2 Golden Comet hens. The barred rocks will produce sex links. I have no clue what the Golden Comets will produce. I think with the hybrid vigor, we should get some really great egg layers.

    So if you're interested in some hybrid egg layers, and you dont care what they look like, and just want lots of eggs, these might be for you. $15 per dozen plus shipping.

    I wont be able to send them for another week or so, as I want to check fertility first.
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    The Golden Comets won't breed true. I got chicks from mine that were white, some like the Golden Comet and even some black chicks.
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    How close are you to Jax?

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