it's almost OVER!!

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    this whole crazy however-long-it's-been is almost over! [​IMG] My mom is playing Sister Magareta is The Sound Of Music. Guess what that's meant for me. Yup, lots of babysitting. [​IMG] (I auditioned, made the callbacks, and then they dashed my hopes to pieces.) But opening night is TOMORROW!!! I'm going to LIVE! It hasn't been all bad though. Mom asked how she could make it up to me, and I d she could promise totake me to a chickenstok if therisever one in our area. [​IMG]
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    As a mom, I'd like to thank you for helping your mom out so she can do this. I'm sure it means a lot to her.

    Hope you find a chickenstock, soon!

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    Good job, Eenie. Tell your mom to "break a leg." I'm a theatrical "widower". Acting and directing are my wife's "thing." She does that while I do dogs and pigeons. You deserve that Chickenstock!

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