It's been a "Chicken" Year....

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    Oct 4, 2012
    North of Houston Texas
    Since I first started with my order from MM October 2012. Out of that first order of 25 assorted Bantams, I have 2 left:

    "Shy" is a Dark Brahma


    and "Poof-Poof" is a Sultan:


    Then I got some Silkies and Seramas from local breeders that turned out to be males, or disappeared/died.

    Next I added 2 EE's. I have one left, "Hattie".


    She's the brown one. After a egg-laying hiatus starting in August, she started laying again about 3 weeks ago and I have steadily gotten a bluish egg a day from her since.

    So today I picked up 2 Silkie pullets from another local breeder:

    They are "Smokey" (the greyish one that has a beard) and the "Bandit" ( the cream-colored one):


    Here is Smokey again:


    and "Bandit":


    I named Smokey and my son insisted that "Bandit" HAD to be the other one's name. LOL! Even though she's a girl.

    I'm back to 5 in my flock now. I plan to add 2 more Lavender Ameraucanas (the real deal) from a breeder about 1 1/2 hours away as soon as he can identify for certain which of his chicks are pullets.

    Mine are in a 15' x 30' fenced in area with a coop that my son & I made out of a FREE wooden packing crate. Over the year we've lost to questionable circumstances: 2 Silkies, 1 EE, 1 Frizzle Cochin, & 4 Seramas (3 as chicks). Strangely enough, all but the EE and 2 Seramas were black. And they were all the black bantams I had. ??????
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    Sep 13, 2013

    That's a beautiful flock you have there. I especially like the White Sultan.

    HS Pye
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    They're so beautiful! Sorry you lost the others. [​IMG] Its difficult when that happens. I know what you mean about the egg laying hiatus. My girls did the same here, until about, maybe a month ago. Strange, isn't it? Although, some of my girls are like 4 y/o now, so I don't expect to have eggs all the time. Got 3 more chicks a few weeks ago at the South Florida Fair, which of course, is exciting! Enjoy your chickens, and thanks for sharing!

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