It's going to be COLD tonight... should I worry?


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Oct 26, 2012
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My 2 ducks that are 8.5 weeks old are outside - have been for 3 weeks (2 weeks full time and 1st week daytime only). Tonight it's actually going to get cold, down to about 29 degrees F actual temp and feel about 6-8 degrees lower than that depending on the wind.

Their "house" for now is a medium-sized dog igloo with a lot of hay, door blocked off so nothing can get in. It's been chilly here in the last few weeks but nothing below around 40 degrees F.

Should I be worried about them? The Pekin is about 7lbs and the Runner is about 3lbs and both seem to have almost all of their feathers except for a little spot that's about half and half. It was chilly during the day today (about 50 degrees F) and I gave them warm water to swim in for their pool - they seemed fine and never got back into their house.

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May 24, 2011
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They will likely have been fine. IMO the best answer is watch your ducks, you'll know if they are cold, they simply shiver and cower in a corner.

You sound like they have good protection and that is the key. We were -10C(14F) the other night and in the morning after i removed the ice from my kiddy pools many of the ducks swam, certifying that i needn't worry myself all that much lol

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