its like 10,000 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 Years
May 26, 2012
new england has been hit with a heat wave. its like 60-70 degrees with 100% humidity. my 3 month olds are panting and laying down. they dont even have the strength to roost. my dominent hen doesnt even peck anyone anymore, shes just too tired! i put blocks of ice in the water, it helped a lot(they couldnt stop drinking) but im afraid it wasnt enough. they just went back to laying as far apart from each other as they could. ive only seen them get up for food and water. Is there anything i can do?

all help is appreciated!! thanks all who reply
Um......60 & 70 degrees? Here in Ohio it's been in the 90s and 80s with severe humidity......The chickens hold their wings out and pant......I've even squirted them with the hose and they don't seem to mind.

I use old Cool Whip containers and make ice cubes for them. Takes longer to melt!

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