I've Decided to Use a Dog Kennel.....(Update)


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for now. Does anyone have any pointers they can give me? I'm going to buy a 10x10x6 and put a tarp over a little less than half of it. Do I need to put chicken wire around the coop? Do I need to put bedding down or is being on the grass okay to begin with since they will most likely kill it off?

I really think this will be the quickest and easiest way for me. When my husband returns from Iraq next year, he can build me a "pretty" one.

Gosh I miss him so bad.
I really appreciate everyone listening to me whine.
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We are here for you, whine all you want, you have every right to do so.

You need to do more I think in NC than put a tarp over part of it, don't thing it will keep things dry enough, especially this winter. For the summer it may be okay. Maybe you could get one of the cute little playhouses that sams or costco sells - just saw one but not sure which one had it-pretty sure it was sams and plop it in the middle of it for the coop. At least that would help with the getting out of the weather. and they are pretty close to being set up for a coop, just put hardware cloth over the windows. If you can't do that, maybe an igloo dog house in it or something like that. Don't know how many chickens you are getting.

Wish you were closer to me, I would be happy to help you out building something. Tell your husband thank you for what he is doing and hugs to you too hun.


Can you find a dog house on craigslist? I would think you need something for them to get inside and lock them up at night. I've seen one woman turn a rubber maid container over and cut a flap out of it. It's been a while but somehow she screwed the flap back on or something else to make a door that she could close during the night. Her nesting box was a rubber maid three door chest with holes cut in the drawers. It was outside of the box they went in at night. I'm sure you can find some sort of shelter for them.
Someone I know has used covered litterboxes for a nesting box. Her chickens like it. I think she has had two of them use it at the same time.

For a roof you could go to the roofing section of the local box store and choose from corrugated sheet metal, the wavy-looking stuff that is in colors that makes me think of greenhouses.... There may be something else in the store but I can't think of what at the moment. If the kennel will be in the sun I would be less likely to choose a metal unless you paint over it so it doesn't absorb so much heat.
If the kennel isn't covered, but some wire under the tarp. Chicken wire would work fine to keep out hawks, but I used welded wire for mine (Just the large holed fencing stuff), 'cause I've got lots of raccoons in the area, and they can rip through chicken wire. The tarp is a definite plus for keeping the run dry. Because the chickens like to stick their heads out of the chain link, I put 2' wide chicken wire around the bottom. (Coons like to grab the chickens through the wire...this makes it a little harder. Because the chain link wasn't complete secured to the bottom pole, I figured something might be able to pull it out enough to squeeze in. I added a whole lotta zip ties along the bottom. My last project is to put a 2' apron around the bottom that lays flat on the ground. it will be staked down and covered with mulch. this will keep critters from digging in underneath. Hopefully that will do it!

I went to our local Tractor Supply and bought the dog kennel (10x10x8), a tarp, and chicken wire to put over the top and around the bottom. Tomorrow after church my friend, her husband, and father-in-law are coming to help put everything together.

I know there are racoon around here because I see them as roadkill all the time. We had guineas at one time and a fox got some of them, dogs got some, and my neighbor's son shot the remaining because they went in his mom's yard and she is afraid of birds (imagine that).

The ironic thing is when we first bought our home, there was a chicken coop - pretty good size), we moved it beside our small two stall barn, cleaned and sanitized it and now use it to store the hay. Who knew I would need a coop again.

My hubby called me this morning and I just cried my eyes out. I tried not to because I don't want him worrying about me. Anyway, I told him all about the chickens and he told me to go ahead and do what I have to in order to keep them safe. I love my guy!

I'm searching the web now to find something that they can be locked up in. I found a hutch on the critters-cage website for $85.00. What do you all think of that? The only thing I'm not sure about is that the description reads that it is for 2-4 hens. Would that be okay now for the 12 chicks I have since they are still young (little less than 2 weeks)?

Thank you all for helping me out. You are appreciated.
That may hold the chicks for now but you will be amazed how fast they will grow out of it. Do you have plans for when they are bigger? It's not whining to miss and worry about some one you love. I had a son and a daughter in Iraq at the same time and I still remember those feelings. Will add you to our prayers.
I use my dog kennel for temporary housing. When the chicks turn 6 weeks old they go into the kennel for another 4-6 weeks. I keep a dog house inside and a tarp over a portion of the top. In case of rain I have an old dusting mop propping up the tarp and sitting on top of the dog house. Keeps the tarp from collecting rain. I'm only housing 6-8 at a time and it's a 4 X 8 X 8 kennel. I don't lock them up inside the house at night and have not ever had a problem.

My Marine son left this past Wed. for camp LeJune then Kuwait. I can completely sympathize/empathize with you.

This is not a good picture, this kennel is one half roofed with Ondura. has three sides enclosed with OSB and fastened to chainlink with cable ties.


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Okay all -- tell me what you think. The 10x10x8 kennel has been put together. Friends helping me will be back later this week to complete making it safe for the chicks. I also ordered a Chick-N-Barn for them to get out of the weather. They will be able to free-range when bigger. This is just a temporary solution until hubby is back. Soooo....do you think 12 chicks will be okay once grown. I'm also having the welded wire put on top so the roof won't sag. So, I think that's everything: kennel, roof, protected sides, roof with tarp for shade.

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