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I just sold a nice trio of large fowl Coronation Sussex to a very nice lady, but now I'm a bit sad about it......I know, I know.....Silly! My hubby said the CS hens were picking on the other hens, and I had one rooster too many. So off they went. And I miss them today.....Kind of wish I hadn't sold them.

I do want happy chickens though, and with winter upon us, and getting colder, they'll be cooped up more, and I don't want a crowded coop. So it was the right thing to do. Now, my Buckeye trio, plus my two EE hens, my Olive Egger hen and my two old lady hens that don't lay anymore will be comfy cozy, and not crowded.

My other bantam coop has four hens and a rooster, so they're fine too. And I've got 12 bantam chicks in the basement.......

Still, I do feel sad about selling the CS trio....WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? Silly! Just Silly!

Just sort of venting I guess.....

Just think of the new chicks you can get in the spring!
The chickens are happier without the crowding.
You have enriched someone elses life with new chickens!
You also won't have to clean-up a major chicken injury due to cramped quarters.
Just get the hubby to build you a bigger coop in the spring so you are ready for next winter.

I understand and I think anyone here understands too.
You did the right thing
Thank you Patricia!
Sounds to me like you are the right person to have chickens. Someone who makes a decision based on the concerns of the chickens rather than on their own feelings. Each year I have to decide who stays.

So go and look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud, I'm a good chicken person, I'm a good chicken person.

I wish you well. You are not alone,

I am in the same boat. Too many roos in one of the houses but they seem to mature so slow. I finally get to process 2 again this weekend but there are still so many more trouble makers. We lost one of the coops this year in a storm so we are still overpopulated in one house. Can't wait to get those numbers down.
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I wish I could get my friend to read this... She has an EVIL seabright that has been torturing her other chickens. They have been picked at so much that they barely have any feathers (I know they're not molting:(). I wish that she would take charge and get rid of that little monster. Her RIR looks like a naked neck.

ANYWAY! I believe that you did THE RIGHT THING. Be proud of yourself for giving them to a good home where they will be taken care of. That lady is probably overjoyed to get chickens. Just feel good about yourself for being smart and making good life decisions.
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Aww, that is terrible! My little Seabright roo is so entertaining, but CAN be evil!!! I was tolerating but trying to train him to not try attacking me, but the day I saw him actually start to fight with one of my hens was almost the last straw. I threaten him all the time "You see that big white dog over there, I'm going to put you in her pen and you can try attacking HER!" (My one female Akita, loves to hunt and longs for the chickens lol). Anyways, he tried getting me that day, and I ran after him. Then when he started fighting with the hen, I went after him, and the hen went after him, and he I think about died with the two of us going after him at once
Ran away with his tail down, and wouldn't come near me for a couple of weeks. I can manage him trying to come after me because he is so tiny, but if I see him picking a fight with a hen again he is DONE! I think that hen taught him a lesson, because now he seems like a little gentleman with them.
I would feel bad about selling them but i wouldnt worry at all if i knew the home they were going to was a good one
Absolutely! When you look at your flock and see how happy and relaxed they are without getting picked on - you will lose any doubt you did the right thing!

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