Ivermectin and Tapes

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    May 28, 2014
    Hey all!

    In the beginning of September, I found worms in a few of my 14 hens' poop. On September 6th, we wormed all of our hens with Ivermectin. Halfway through the waiting period after worming, I found more worms in their poop. [​IMG] After doing more research, I found that the worms weren't normal round worms, but were tapeworms (based on hours of looking at rather disgusting pics of other people's chicken poop).

    I know that Ivermectin does not treat tapeworms, and that I can use Zimectrian Gold horse wormer (worm once, then again 10 days later?) to treat the tapes.

    My only question is, will it be damaging to my hens to be wormed again so soon? Or can I just worm now?
    I figure that the wormers are different -and therefore don't react. But, I'm just looking for advice from someone with more experience than I have!
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    They should be fine.


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