Ivermectin for both Sheep and Chickens?


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Oct 3, 2015
I’ve tried to find info on this but it’s confusing. I’m hoping to use the pour-on or oral ivermectin to treat for a bad case of scaly leg mites and possibly deworm. My sheep may also need to be dewormed, but from what I can tell the ivermectin for cattle is not approved for sheep. Since Ivermectin is expensive I was hoping I would only need to use one for them both, but of course I want to be safe. Any info on sheep dewormer or cattle dewormer is greatly appreciated.
Update 2: Turns out the person I called had it wrong - they had the pour on but no oral. We’re just getting the pour-on for cattle since chickens are the priority
Here's dosing for Ivermectin Pour On

Ivermectin is effective when treating SLM, but some report it's lost effectiveness when treating worms in poultry. It may help with Roundworms.
What worms do you suspect your birds to have? Safeguard Liquid Goat Dewormer is quite effective against most worms poultry can have except for Tapeworm.
It’s quite possible they don’t have worms at all. I haven’t observed closely but many seem to have pale combs and a few have dirty butts is all. I’ll try and get a better look at them tomorrow and see if the poop looks off, but I mostly said that in the post as something I may consider. Thanks for your help.
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