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  1. bembem73

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    Nov 15, 2019
    hi everyone! my 3 &1/2 year old rode island red have impacted and sour crop for a about 2 weeks now. her crop this morning is so full and seems softer. and i have been giving her vegetable oil and yeast medecine. she's letargic and we are planning to open up her crop but not so sure afraid to. she also have a pendulom crop from previous crop problem.
    i wonder if i should try to give her ivermectin for worms thinking she might have some blockage. but how safe it is? while she's so weak right now! she drinks a lot of water this morning. so now i took it away from her and waiting for her crop to drain.
    she's one of my pet chicken that i raised since 2 weeks old. don't wanna lose her!
    any help greatly appreciated
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    Jun 24, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! Is a vet an option? What does her poop look like?
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    Feb 6, 2019
    Coconut or olive oil are more effective than vegetable oil. Good luck!
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    A vet might be the best to treat a crop disorder. Many hens can develop crop problems due to reproductive disorders that cause pressure inside the abdomen, slowing down digestion. Is she overweight or probe to overeating? @azygous helps a lot of people with pendulous, sour or impacted crops. Here are a couple of articles by her and TwoCrows about crop treatments:

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    What have you been using to treat the sour crop? How many times a day and for how long?

    Did it begin with an impacted crop and develop into sour crop? Or has her crop been full and spongy all this time?

    Read those articles @Eggcessive linked to and come back and we'll talk about where to go from here.
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