Ivermectin use in cats?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by sourland, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Yes, well, *SHRUG* An inappropriate dose of ivermectin, depending on whether it's too much or too little, can have disastrous results.

    Strongid paste is one thing, that is pyrantel pamoate, and it is pretty innocuous and hard to overdose.

    Not so with Ivermectin.

    In my opinion, it is wrong and irresponsible to give such advice over the internet to people whom you have no idea how they may interpret it or use the information to try to treat their animals.

    Ivermectin is a good product with outstanding results on a number of issues if used properly and in the correct doseage. It is nothing to trifle with, or to use random amounts that are not accurately measured, such as in horse dewormer.

    This topic is discussed on a regular basis in several groups that discuss dog breeding in which I participate.

    Ivermectin can be toxic and deadly if given in the wrong dose. The correct dose for dogs and cats is VERY VERY SMALL.
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    Thank you for the info! Glad to hear it.
    Update from the farm here: I am totally convinced that ivermectin kills fleas! Since I couldn't find any reliable info, I waited until the kittens were 12 weeks old and then dosed them topically between the shoulder blades with ivermectin. Poof: no more fleas! Hurrah!! No side effects, and one month later, still no fleas. Not even one. Also dosed all the other cats a month after the original dose, and not only were they flea-free, but they had no ticks either. I was always picking ticks off of them, even when I was using frontline. Ivermectin either kills the ticks much faster than frontline, or actually repels them somehow. I don't know. It has been two months or so since the last dose with the adult cats, and I am starting to see ticks again, so will dose them one more time before winter. Still flea free though. :)
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    Quote: The folks who make it say it doesn't, and I never saw any reduction in fleas on any of the dogs I've owned even though they all got Ivomec.

    One had Demodex Mange, and got large DAILY doses of Ivomec for over a month but still had fleas
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    Scaredy cat is on her fourth winter here. What a different creature physically from the starving kitten that showed up late 2010. She is now sleek and fat. I watched last night as she came to eat. She waits until I have fed the dogs and then she generally comes down the hedgerow, crosses the short portion of the lawn, hugs the front of the house and then goes to her food bowl by the back deck. Last night she bounded across the back lawn hugged the S wall and the side of the deck, up over the deck and to her food. I watched her eat as I have many times. One mouthful, and then she lifts her head ears twitching and looking from side to side. She has always been cautious, but is more so when there is deep snow on the ground - that is when the coyote almost got her several years ago. Sometimes if I move very slowly and don't look directly at her I can pass by within 20 or so feet of her - most of the time she slinks away. I wish that I knew her story prior to coming here. She surely had it rough, but she has survived.
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    Hi, in the matter of treating the cats for heartworms and other parasites with the Ivermectin, I will refer you to this article http://aspcapro.org/sites/pro/files/zc-steenbergen-tox_brief_0.pdf So, a swine oral solution of 10mg/ml of Ivermectin, taking 1ml, diluting it in 1l of water gives a solution of 10ug/ml, so the dose suggested of 20-24ug/kg for cats would be 2m; of this dilute solution for every 5# of cat.
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    May 3, 2009
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    I was wondering why the birds have not been using the three blue bird houses situated on my front lawn. Generally we have a bluebird, house wren, and chickadee in residence. Two evenings ago I saw Scaredy cat hanging on one of the houses with her leg in the opening up to the shoulder. Feral cats are as feral cats do - a scourge on birds and mammals. I will tolerate her as she does a good job of controlling mice around my sheds and coops, and she has cleared the voles from the flower beds. I moved the bird houses down to the beagle club, and immediately after I had the first in place two pairs of tree swallows were fighting over it. I have 15 bird houses down at the club, and there is not a bluebird nest in any of them. Generally a quarter or so are inhabited by bluebirds, but they seem to have disappeared around here sometime in late winter.
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    I have used Ivermectin in my Collie dog breed (Australian Shepherd) and caused toxicity. I had to stay up all night with him because he was convulsing at times and my Vet friend told me he could just stop breathing. We successfully weathered that storm several years ago, but only by making him drink LOTS of fluids to flush out his system. I made beef broth, so it wasn't too terribly difficult, just scary!

    Now about your cat... Because I was curious about my outdoor cat, who is loosing substantial weight and looking rather slow and ill, I looked online to a Vet answer center (called just answer dot com). The following information is what I just copied and pasted into a file on my computer for future reference: (here is the link: http://www.justanswer.com/pet-cat/2x10e-told-give-ivermectin-cats-worms.html)

    Ivermectin treatment for dogs and cats

    If you are going to use this drug I would highly recommend having someone calculate the proper dose for your babys. There should be no need for the syringe if you are using the horse and cattle form as a cat dose would be 1-2 drops of this product monthly.

    This may help you to correctly dose your fur babies.

    For dogs: Dose is 0.0015 to 0.003 mg per pound once a month for heartworm prevention; 0.15 mg per pound once, then repeat in 14 days for skin parasites;
    and 0.1 mg per pound once for gastrointestinal parasites.

    For cats: Dose is 0.012 mg per pound once monthly for heartworm prevention.

    Ivermection toxicity in cats is very uncommon, however you should watch for any of the following signs.

    inability to walk correctly, vocalization, disorientation, dementia, whole body tremors, dilated pupils, apparent blindness, circling, head pressing, slowed heart rate, low body temp,coma, and death.

    Read more here ust close the pop ups to view the information.

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    Scaredy cat has been here for 3.5 years. Since the initial wormings I have done nothing but feed her. This I her fourth spring, and no kittens - I am assuming that she was a trap/neuter/release. She remains wilder than the truly wild animals that frequent my yard.
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    Do you recall how much you gave her? I have 2 cats and one has been losing weight this spring. No worms at the yearly checkup in February. But it's spring and they have been out hunting. The one in particular loves to go out all night and day. So before I take him to the vet I thought I might try worming. :idunno I do have icermectin on hand. For goats.
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    Haven't seen Scaredy Cat in 4 or 5 days. Something ate her food last night, but that may have been a coon/fox/other cat. Saw the neighbors last night, and they mentioned that one of their cats 'disappeared' about 3 weeks ago. Coyotes have been heard in the area - that's a first. They have been around for a long time, but have remained silent. One almost caught Scaredy Cat a couple of winters ago - read the tableau in the snow. She disappeared for several months after that. She's gone walk about before so maybe she will return.

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