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    There are countless threads on using this stuff, and a lot of them post links that are no longer good. I have a bantam cochin with scaly leg mites. I suspect we have mites on everyone, so I want to treat the coop, run, perches, etc. I will treat everyone with ivermectin, I just want to make sure I have the dosage right. For the .5% pour on, I use 3 drops for bantams on the skin on the neck, and 5-6 drops for standards? Should I also dust them with sevin, or is that too much? I am slathering her legs with vaseline right now. Should I rub everyones legs also?
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    I was just going to ask the same question about Eprinex. Only 1 of my 6 hens has a problem (right now anyway) and like you I've been treating with Vaseline with some but not complete results yet (some scales have sloughed off with nice pink legs underneath). And if Eprinox will work for Scaly Leg Mites should I treat with Wazine first, then Eprinox 10 days later since it is also a de-wormer? They haven't been wormed before (9 months) and I haven't seen worms in poo or anything. The coop is getting a cleaning/dusting.

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    I use Campho-phenique or Vet-Rx on the legs for scaley leg mite as well as the Ivermectin injectible (with it I use 2-3 drops on the skin of the neck between the shoulder blades for a Bantam and 5-6 drops for a Large Fowl). The Ivermectin will kill not only scaley leg mites but all mites and lice as well as all worms except a tapeworm. I use the pour-on Ivermectin for my cows but don't know how it works in relation to the injectible kind.
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    I have been told I could use injectible ivermectin in their water as a mix of 4cc to 1 gallon. I have issues with mights right now. Will this kill fearther mites too?
    Or should I drop some on each indivisiual bird?

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