Ivy on a pea pen?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by SuperPeacockman, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    I just got a very interesting idea, what if I planted ivy around a pea pen? I wanted to plant morning glories at first but my dad (a florist) said they're toxic and also cause hallucinations haha I don't need tripped out peacocks. So then I thought about just creepy ivy like you see on buildings? Also my dad said something about a non toxic vine that has big purple flowers. I just thought it could look so pretty and I was wondering if anyone had tried it and if you guys had any suggestions.
    This is the pen I would probably use, I thought it would go well with the locust posts! The wire is 1 by 2 on the outside and the dividers between pens are 2 by 4.
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    that pen is gorgeous! .. years ago i planted morning glories .. peas used to eat what went thru--- i think my birds enjoy a good buzz --- whenever i put pumpkins in, they seem to like the ones that are fermenting (not quite rotten) more than the fresh ones... what sucks about the morn glories is you cant seem to ever get rid of them 100% -- i've since planted huneysuckles on the front of the pen, but my sebbies have destroyed them .... may try pumpkins this year(once the sebbies are better contained)... ...looking forward to see what you plant -- may give me some ideas..
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    I tried to grow a wild grape vine up the side of the pen but the peafowl reach through the fence and eat all the leaves off. It has never really been allowed to climb. Our local zoo has a bird aviary that has one side and all of the top of the aviary covered with trumpet flower vine. It really creates a ton of shade in the pen. The only vine that does grow up my pen is the one I do not want...A thorn vine. It doesn't grow very thick or with a lot of leaves, it just tries to spread as far as it can up the fence and onto the netting. If only the pretty vines would do that well. Oh I also tried to make buganvilla grow in several places around their pen. I love those vines so much! The birds ate them to shreds causing all of the buganvilla to die. My experiance with vines has not been good. I guess if you put up very thin wire fencing or something around the vine the birds would not be able to munch on it and then you can take it away once the vine is so high that it won't be sevearly damaged if the birds eat the lower leaves.

    johnskoi do you have photos of the vines on your pen? I would love to see what it looks like!

    Does anyone think that some sort of climbing rose would work well?
  5. Amanda Patrick

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    May 17, 2012
    How about climbing roses? I heard someone do it for their chickens because it kept the coyotes out as an extra barrier?

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