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    Jan 4, 2010
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    I knew she was specical. From the first moment I saw her. Sitting there, peeking at me through the bator window. Lounging on the un-hatched eggs in the carton, like a little queen. I layed my hand slowly in the bato as not to scare her, and she hopped onto my palm and fell into a deep sleep. I held her close and knew she would be something great. As I type, Izzy is "helping" me type, pecking the "q" and standing on the letters I need to use. As she grows, I'll add more stories and pics. BTW she will prob. be the only one for a while, I don't think her companions will hatch and the next batch is due next week. So wish me and Izabelle luck.

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    Hope the other hatches. Put a feather duster in her brooder for comfort. Chicks love to cuddle in their momma's feathers and this fills that need.
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    Quote:That is a super idea! My chick was not thrilled when she was alone with a stuffed octopus....so I went back to the feed store and bought her a friend. [​IMG]

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