Jacob lamb's horns falling off


10 Years
Nov 8, 2009
Olivia lamb is about 5 months old. She is a four horned jacob bottle baby. We noticed a while back that the two little horns on the side were wiggly but nothing seemed to come of it. Today I noticed that one of her top horns was bloody and very loose, by the end of the day it was dangling off so I cut it free. As I was cleaning her up, she knocked the other top horn into my hand and it started to bleed around the base. I put blood stop on it but I suspect I'll be snipping it off tomorrow. What in the world is going on??
Nope, she wasn't born on our farm but I'm sure her horns were not banded. Her tail was, but not the other end! Thanks for the good wishes!
I did end up snipping the second horn off today... hope I did the right thing. I sprayed it with blu-kote but didn't get to clean it up too well. I'm wondering how quickly horns grow, if maybe it's a consequence of being bottle fed.
She'll be ok - and they will grow back. sounds like she has "scurs" little nubbins of horns that don't get very big and are alwayse wobbly - one of my ewes has them (also 4! - she's a jacob's/shetland cross) as well as my mother's ram. they knock them off from time to time (mainly the ram...
) so long as they arn't bleeding alot or dangling by a scrap of skin they heal without incident. DEFINATELY has NOTHING to do with being a bottle baby - or nutrition...

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