Jalapeño Says: "I'm Sorry!"


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
Oh my gosh! Those chickens!

I have two EE pullets, Kevin and Jalapeño. Kevin started laying end of July. Today, I came home to see if Kevin had laid me another egg...indeed she did.
Then my gaze shifted to the left, and I gasped in horror at the sight of a knocked-over waterer and wet sand(that's what I use in my coop). Then beyond that...a small object half-buried in the sand. AN EGG?!? I hurried into the house , grab the bowl we use for the chickens, and got them some water. Then I went to investigate.... she had laid a small pullet egg, it's long and skinny. It's light green, but a bit deeper in color than Kevin's.

I spent about some time mixing the wet sand with the dry, and also cleaned the coop(before I mixed the sand). The waterer is currently still empty because I want the sand to dry out, so they have the bowl outside still.

I'm over the moon about this. I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted blue eggs, but who cares? I got two eggs today!

Now if only I could find the dang SD card....
Did you know Kevin was going to be a she? One of ours was a she, wait no, it's a he, no, actually, it's a she! We refer to her as he

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