jap quail egg moving - updated with pics


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Title says it all - except for the fact that I'm only into day12 and from reading I should only stop turning at day14 and increase humidity then? Only 1 of them (there are 36 in the bator) is doing the dance so far - but that's only because I saw it jiggle after I turned it and stayed to watch it jiggle some more. Humidity is currently holding at 45-50%. Temps may have been a bit high because it's a homemade bator so I'm wondering if they are hatching early because of that.

Sorry - needed to add that it's jiggling but no pips yet.

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leave them alone...not lkely to hatch that early. You may have a few hatch a day early or so but I would not move them until day 14.
Have you candled them at all? Day 12 for rocking is awfully early. If the egg is bad, gases inside the egg could cause it to 'move'. I would check it with a light, and/or smell it to make sure it isn't rotten. Otherwise, no, I wouldn't increase the humidity this early. I have had quite a few hatch in the turner at 50-ish% humidity, when I've forgotten about them....they got out just fine
I tried candling but I couldn't see much - I've never candled quail eggs - the shells are so splotchy I can't seem to see much, unlike chicken eggs. No I don't think they are 'bad' - no smells - I just sat there for like 10 minutes watching the eggs and am happy to report that there are like 3 that I can see that are jiggling. I counted the day I put them in the bator as Day0 - is that right - if that's right, then today is Day12? That's how I've always done it with chickens. If on the other hand, the day you put them in the bator is Day1, then today is Day13.

Fingers crossed they'll hatch okay and not have too many problems.

With any eggs, when you put them in the bator begins day 1. Most people go by if the eggs are set before noon, then that is day 1, and if in the afternoon, then the next day is day 1. Supposedly this makes it easier. I just go by the day set is day 1, I would rather think they were a bit late than freak out because they are 2, 3, 4 days early!!

What kind of quail are they? I know you said coturnix (jap), but what variety? I ask becuase it seems that my A&Ms have always hatched on day 15, no matter who they came from. Just wondering
Don't know what variety - the person I ordered from just said Japanese quail in different colors. I think it's just the normal variety ie not the extra large ones.

Okay, if I go by day of setting is Day1 then today is Day13. I'll post pics when they hatch...


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