Japanese Bantam Problem. Anyone know what it is?

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    Apr 21, 2011
    My Japanese Blacktail Bantam Roo keeps shaking his head all the time. I noticed he had a bit of an eye infection. I checked to see if his had any discharge from his nose and if his breathing was labored and he had no problems with that at all. I did notice a hard crusty layer covering his ear/left head area. It looks a like calcium build up and comes off easily. Under the layer his skin in normal. I picked off as much of the layer as I could and gave him antibiotic eye drops for his eye. He still shaking his head but his eye is looking a bit better now. He eats fine and crows all the time so I don't think he's sick. Does anyone know what the crusty layer is and could of this caused his eye infection? His eye infection wasnÂ’t that bad just had a bit of white discharge. My Japanese Bantam Hen had the same crusty layer that covered most of her Comb. Her comb was really pale because of it. I managed to completely remove the entire layer with out any problems and 5 mins later her comb turned bright red. The crusty layer looked and felt like bone. Anyone know what it is? Thanks for any posts!!!
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    Wow rhino not sure what it could be. Possibly a sinus infection. Maybe some antibiotics will help clear it up. Seems like a lot of us are having this issue this year. Good luck.
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    Wish I could help! Sounds like you're on the right track, though!

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