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May 28, 2015
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Hey there! Ive had one of these buggars pop up in my most recent hatch and im super excited. I think there are a few others out there on the forum lets chat about them!

My current
almost like a frizzled chicken :love

This happened in one other hatch a couple of years ago heres the thread i started on it way back then, its short.


And a screenshot of the quailie i was talking about at that time:
Screenshot_20190912-230810_Samsung Internet.jpg

Sadly it didn't ever really thrive and had to be culled at only about 6 wks old.

Have you got this mutation? Want to know where to find some? Noticed anything unusual about breeding it or any particularly interesting combinations with other mutations? Have pictures to share? Join in!
Oh, this study should be here:


The secondary fascinating implication for this gene, other than cool appearance, is that they did find some evidence that it could actually have a sort of un-restricting effect on fancy-colored quail size/growth rates, which are normally depressed in basically 100% of fancy lines just as a by-product of the genes themselves.
Mine's always been pretty faint and was mostly visible in the phase slightly before this, but you can kind of see her mild weird little back feathers here as a teen (top), in addition to the size difference between her and her next-largest same-colored sibling.


I wish I'd gotten a close up picture of her wings around the same time; they were weirdly curly too and would've been easier to see in a pic. Oh well.

At the time I was like "is it defective?! Should I eat it?!". I'm glad I didn't. :lau Her curls mostly straightened out with age but she's still a BEAST of a hen.

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