Japanese Coturnix Quail Color Varieties!!!!


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Pharaoh- the original color one would see in the wild, wild-type pattern, dominant



Jumbo Brown/Pharaoh- Pharaohs selectively bred to be larger

English White- homozygous for recessive white. Most have black or brown spotting (NOTE a gene or dominant white has been reported and that the homozygous birds are of low viability).

In photo on right...

Texas A and M/Jumbo White- selectively bred from English white and Jumbo Pharaohs to produce large birds for the meat industry.

Manchurian Golden- yellow gold with brown stripes. A single dominant gene for yellow changes wild type to Manchurian. The gene is lethal IF homozygous, there are light and dark tints to the Manchurian



Italian- beige to yellow with striated markings (v-marks in plummage).



Dark British Range- Also known as Tibetan. It looks like a dark chocolate bird with a white throat. Some have more white on them, some don't have white at all. Incomplete dominant.

Rosetta- Also known as British Range. A combination of an English white and a Dark British Range. A lighter orange/tan color throughout body. The UK call them American Range. Incomplete dominant

Silver- Not much known yet, incomplete dominant

Tuxedo- two colored pied pattern. This is a result of a combination of the genes for chocolate with genes for recessive white. Recessive

Red Tuxedo- A new two colored pied pattern. Looks like a normal tux but the red replaces the chocolate. A combination of Range and English white.

Red Range also known as cinnamon? (The real cinnamon is not here in the US yet, more orangy in color)

Scarlett- Also known as Red Golden.. A nice red color with gold pinning. Incomplete Dominant

"Roux" Dilute- A lighter color of the wild coturnix. Recessive Also known as Fawn

Golden Tuxedo (still in the works)

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Do agree that this should be a sticky

What's the Japanese quail, or is that just another name for the wild/Pharoah type? I was never very sure on that

Thanks for posting this, very helpful indeed

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