Japanese rooster with frostbiten comb


Keeper of tiny dinos
Apr 17, 2019
I have a adolescent bantam too that I think is a Japanese. The weather is freezing out just about every night and I have started noticing that his comb is getting frostbitten. I put him in with chicks that are a little bigger then him and have access to a heat lamp but that doesn't seem to be stopping the frost bite on his comb. Other then bringing him alone inside the house, what else can I do for him?? There is no breeze getting in where he is, it is thoroughly weather proofed and has a loft that prevents direct wind from our ventilation window while still having enough ventilation. It is not severe yet and I don't know for sure if it will get that way, and I don't want it to. He is the only one being affected by the cold, the chicks are handling it just fine due to the heat lamp and being fully feathered. They aren't getting frostbite, and neither are my silkies which are younger them him and are also being kept in.

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