Jersey Giant and Brahma breeders in PA, MD, or DE?

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  1. I knew when I started chickening that my favorite Jersey Giants are hard to find, but it seems finding a breeder is like looking for hens' teeth! My beloved roo was an absolute miracle, bought him second hand (HE bought from a breeder) from a guy selling hatching eggs, and the backyard breeder from whom I bought my blue JG hen was not very good, and won't answer my messages. SO gotta find another source to tweak the Chicken Math in the right direction. Wouldn't say no to decent Brahma either, especially looking for a 1-2 year old roo to share the flock with Hero (the Jersey).

    My birds and I live in Lincoln University, PA (19352), about 1.5 hours West of Philadelphia. Can anybody help me?

    BTW, I know I can order whatever I want from hatcheries. Not stupid, ok? I prefer breeder stock, but may knuckle under and buy hatchery birds from the local feed store if I get desperate enough. I really would like to find good breeders. I tried contacting the Jersey Giant Club, but they would not answer my emails (unlike the Marans Chicken Club, which answered right away and put me in touch with their district leader, who lives 15 minutes away and gave me wonderful birds!). Haven't reached out to Brahma club yet.
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    Here is the NPIP website to search by state:

    Here are the JG stock codes that are used. If you want other stock codes, then these are listed in a link on the left side of the above website.
    Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 7.28.59 AM.png

    You will click on a state, and this will open a document. Use the "Find" function to find the codes within the doc. I searched all JG codes for PA and found none. But, if you search OH state, then you will find some. Of course, you will also be able to search the PA document (8 pages) to see if there are breeders/hatcheries near to you by scrolling through the document. These breeders/hatcheries pay to be NPIP inspected and listed so they can sell chicks and birds and have the legal ability to ship the birds, so they most likely have an outlet for selling such as Craigs List or ebay. Maybe they use FB to market their farm so you can search on fb for their name to get further contact info.

    Good Luck. We have BJG and they are BIG! If you are looking for BIG, then you will want to go to a breeder. We buy ours from a small Ohio hatchery that has a few "Exhibition Quality" breeds, including BJG, and they get their eggs from a breeder. Unfortunately, this hatchery is done with their BJG eggs for the year and won't have any more BJG chicks until next year. Below is our current BJG rooster at 15 months, next to full sized White Legbar (1st pic) and SLW (2nd pic). He has grown some more since then as he is now 18 months old. The female is also quite big, but smaller than the rooster.
    Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 7.12.21 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.54.41 AM.png
  3. Wow! Thank you! Your boy is beautiful, and a little confusing. My Hero is 17 months old, and although he is handsome as anything, he is not nearly that big. I would guess he's around 12 pounds right now, and very muscly. Maybe his breeder bred to a smaller standard, I've been hoping for a growth spurt next spring. Do you mind sharing the contact info for the breeder you deal with? I can wait until spring no problem, maybe they can ship. I'm just a little nervous, I didn't know they could vary so much in size. I wanted to avoid commercial hatcheries because they are reputed to have small birds. My 17 month old hen is smaller than Hero, about 9 pounds. Her parentage was from 2 different "famous" breeders, but she was hatched by a backyard breeder.
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    Not sure, you can try looking on craigslist in PA but i know some hatcheries you can try out as i'm also in PA
    freedom ranger hatchery
    moyers chicks
    myers poultry farm
    these are all in PA.
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    I have Brahma roos coming out my ears... it was the year of the cockerel

    Mine came from great breeders... gold laced, partridge and silver laced
    I’m not far from you

    Mine are 7-12 weeks though.
    I’m doing my NPIP testing next week.
  6. Wow, I would love a partridge! I'm afraid I couldn't afford it though. Could you send me a message, and let me know what you would ask for a good healthy boy? How big are your boys? My Brahma girls were hatched in February, but they were hatchery birds, so they are a little small. I didn't know Brahma came in laced varieties, I will have to look up what they look like. Thanks!

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