Jersey Giant - bred with roo twice...already broody?


7 Years
Hey all, I have a Jersey Giant hen that just started laying literally last week. Weelll, she seems to have already gone broody, which is fine by me. The only worry I have is she's sitting on the coop floor. She is top bird second to Roopert, baby daddy.

Should I put water in the coop for her? Food is already in the coop 24 hrs a day.
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Is she a new layer? I'm assuming because you say she's been bred twice (that you've seen) that she may just becoming sexually mature.
Are you sure she's broody?
Sitting in the same spot all day and all night, hissing and growling if anyone comes near?
Are there eggs under her?

She may be broody or she may be ill.....or she may be moving a softshell down the pike-that feels weird and can make them act odd until it passes
Yup, she's a new layer. She's healthy otherwise and all of her shells have been very strong and light brown, albeit the eggs have been smaller (to be expected with a new layer). She hasn't had any soft shells.

The funny thing is, when I went to check on her before I left for work this morning, she was roosting. Her egg was completely normally shelled and hard.

Maybe she's deciding whether or not she wants to brood. Yesterday, she kept walking in and out of the coop, returning to the corner where she normally lays her eggs, acting a bit strange. She wasn't growling at anyone, though.

She's eating normally, pooping great, and seems very happy (from what I can tell).

Maybe she's just trying to figure out the whole egglaying thing... :)

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