Jersey Giant's eggs almost always have black or brown spots/specks

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Jun 3, 2011
Middle Tennessee
I've read about blood spots and meat spots. I've done a BYC search to find more information, but I haven't found anything like this.

My Jersey Giant's eggs don't have what is typically considered a blood spot. Her eggs almost always have spots and/or specks in them. Sometimes it's several blackish/brownish specks in the white, other times it's a spot on the yolk - possibly a blood spot but not red or brown usually. It usually looks like bits of dirt.

Even though I'm getting up to 18 eggs a day from my flock, I can tell which egg is hers (because the shell is really pretty - it has spots, too!), and I always set it aside. I don't ever put one of her eggs in the cartons of eggs that I sell. While I know eggs with spots are okay to eat, they are gross. So I usually crack it open to verify that it has spots/specks (and I don't remember the last time it didn't), and then I toss it. I should probably cook it and feed it to either the chickens or dogs.

My question: Does anyone else have a hen that does that? What is causing the specks that aren't blood spots? Is there any solution other than to keep discarding all the eggs from that hen?
Occ. we have eggs with spots in them, have not found a solution for it, seems like most of ours have been with the new layers, or when the rooster has been overly aggresive with breeding. You could always use the eggs to bake with. When did your jersey giant start laying ?
Thanks for replying. The Jersey Giant is over a year old - hatched 2/15/11. She's been laying since last summer. She is one of the roosters' favorites. We had an over-abundance of roosters for awhile. But we just re-homed a bunch of roosters last week. Maybe that'll make a difference.

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