Jersey Giants


9 Years
Jul 8, 2010
My fiance has fallen in love with these guys, so I'd like to get him a few just for fun. I prefer pullets, as I am rooster heavy (although we don't breed, just maintain a free-range flock, and provided the roosters treat the ladies nicely, and do not attack us they are allowed to stay). I am not really looking for breeding/show quality as their eggs will be taken.

I do live near Jim Thorpe, PA. I frequent the lancaster area often for feed pick ups, and will be in the York area next month... I'd be willing to travel some for these guys, or possibly look into shipping if they are younger.

I've had no luck searching for breeders near me. My next option would be a hatchery but after just placing an order I really don't want another 15 chicks
Thank you! Ohio isn't too far away, and I do go out twice a year...perhaps if he has anything around that time I can swing by and grab some
hello- your post caught my attention. I live in MD but have been looking for Giants myself and refuse to buy from a hatchery. I've had no luck on craiglist either. where did you get your guys from?

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