Jersey Wooly Question


11 Years
Oct 21, 2008
Raleigh N.C.
I have contacted a lady who has a Jersey wooly kits for sale and she is asking $50 each. I am not sure if she shows yet and I have no problem paying that for a show rabbit but I was wondering if it was a little much for a regular run of the mill Jersey Wooly.

I breed and show Jersey Woolies. Unless they had something extra (amazing pedigree or good show record) I think the price is a little high. If there are few woolies in the area that might also bring up the price.
If you go to a rabbit show you should be able to find a pet Jersey from free to $20. If you're looking for an well-typed show prospect, that price might not be out of line but I'd rather see you meet them at a show and have him evaluated by the judge first if you aren't familiar with the breed standard.
Yes, that is a bit pricey. I have bought retired show Woolies for less than that. Twenty years ago, $50 was about average, but you can probably pick up a showable youngster for about $30 these days.

The North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association is having their state convention March 20 - 21, at the Greensboro Coliseum. It will be a double show on Saturday, a double show on Sunday, and a double specialty show for Woolies on Sunday as well. With that many legs available, I guarantee you there will be lots of Woolies there. Go to ARBA's website, click on "shows," then click on NC for further info!
Unless it's a spectacular show rabbit, that seems a bit high to me. I did pay $50-$60 per rabbit for young Holland Lops, but the breeder showed them on a National level, so I knew I was getting pedigreed, registered SQ stock.

On the other hand, pet stores sell mutt rabbits for $30-$40 each, so I figured paying a little extra for a pedigreed animal was worth it.
Thats what I thought and I do not think she shows but I am not positive, I will see if she will go down on the price.

Jersey Woolys are hard to find around here.

Bunnylady thanks for the info on the show, I will plan to go. Do you think there will be any for sale? I am looking for a good representation for the breed but not neccessarily show quality,

Thanks everyone.
Pure bred jersey woolies are sold $35 at petshops but I know a breeder who sell purebred netherland dwarves and jersey woolies for $15-$20. She had a trio for $35. I may be getting 2 of her jerseys in september-


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